By SHanti Weddings

Parul was more than ready to marry her love, Abhinay on this crisp, autumn day with a lavish Oheka Castle Indian wedding celebration. With all the months of planning and the anticipation day’s arrival, Parul kept calm. As the time wound down to when she would see Abhinay for the first time on their wedding day, she could no longer contain the sheer happiness she felt.

It’s an auspicious tradition in South Asian weddings during a Baraat for the family of the bride to welcome the groom and his family. Abhinay’s journey towards Parul’s family was a resounding mix of cheers, chants and some of the most spirited dancing we’ve seen. It’s bittersweet leading over a part of your family to another’s. The reward — the coming together of two families forming a larger bond of love.

The rich orange, pink, and red hues of their floral arrangements warmed Oheka’s gilded grand ballroom. Abhinay brimmed with joy after his warm welcome from Parul’s family. Now, it was Parul’s turn to be welcome into his. As they adorn each other with their brilliant wedding garlands and exchange traditional gestures, both Parul and Abhinay, in their gentle countenances, were finally married and ready to start their new lives together.

As the warm day chilled into a cool night, the same could not be said about the atmosphere of their reception. The gregarious couple imbibed the love and congratulatory declarations their friends and family shared with them. Usually calm and collected, Parul and Abhinay were now in party mode, sharing in the laughter, fun and dancing.

Luxury South Asian Wedding at Oheka Castle

EVENT PLANING & DESIGN Sonal J Shah Events | VENUE Oheka Castle, Huntington | PHOTOGRAPHY Shanti Weddings | FLOWERS & DECOR Atlas Floral | HAIR & MAKEUP Khush Singh | CATERER Moghul | MUSIC DJ Suhel


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