A seamless wedding does not occur by chance. We understand the significance of a meticulously planned wedding timeline in helping the bride and groom fulfill their aspirations. From the perspective of our photographers, we have put together some suggestions for each aspect of your wedding day to maximize the results of your wedding photography.

Getting Ready

Our coverage will capture several crucial moments, starting with your preparation. For Indian weddings, we prefer to commence 2 to 3 hours prior to the Baraat ceremony. This enables us to capture your final touch-ups of makeup and dressing, and also provides us sufficient time to photograph your personal details and individual portraits.

Wedding Details
Indian Wedding Bride
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Request your hair and makeup artist to establish themselves near a window or in a location with ample natural light and avoid using artificial lighting sources like lamps or overhead lights. This will ensure that your photos appear natural and your makeup retains its appearance during outdoor shoots.

To prevent overcrowding, limit the number of family members and bridesmaids/groomsmen present in the room where you are getting ready.

Ensure that your details, such as your gown, shoes, jewelry, and invitation, are easily accessible and ready for photography before our arrival, avoiding any unnecessary waiting.

The First Look

Due to the stringent scheduling of Indian wedding timelines, allotting time for a first look enables couples to complete their portraits and family photos before the event. Natural light is a valuable resource for photographers, and we make every effort to utilize the sun's rays to the fullest extent possible.


We suggest dedicating a minimum of 45 minutes to 1 hour of your wedding day for your first look and bridal portraits with both the bride and groom.

If you have arranged for a first look, we request your planner or an assistant to coordinate the moment so that we are ready to capture it.

Having a bridal assistant or a family member to assist with the dress and any other needs during the photo session can make the process smoother and more efficient as you move around the property with the bride and groom.

It is advisable to complete your immediate family and bridal party portraits before the Baraat ceremony. Please allocate at least 30 minutes in your Indian wedding timeline, based on the number of groupings required.

Family & Bridal Party

Regardless of whether the family formals are arranged before or after the ceremony, this is the opportunity for us to assemble your immediate and significant extended family members for photos. With proper preparation before the wedding, family photos can be completed efficiently within 30 minutes or less.


About 30 to 45 days before your wedding, it is advisable to compile a comprehensive list of the family portraits you wish to have taken.

We highly recommend capturing your immediate family portraits before the Baraat ceremony. Extended family portraits can be done after the ceremony.

Aim to limit your list of extended family portraits to 10 to 15 groups, bearing in mind that organizing each group can take up to 5 minutes.

Candid portraits of additional extended family members can be taken during the reception.

Assign an assistant or a trusted family member to assist with gathering your families, as we may not be familiar with all of them.

Indian Wedding Ceremony

Whether your Indian wedding ceremony is traditional and lengthy or contemporary and brief, having an understanding of what to expect can assist us in capturing every significant moment during your ceremony.


We acknowledge that guests may wish to take their own photos. However, it might be helpful to request that the officiant ask guests to simply be present and fully experience the moment with their hearts and minds. Placing a clear "No Cell Phone Use During Ceremony" sign can also be beneficial.

For indoor wedding ceremonies, ensure that professional lighting is arranged for the mandap to avoid being in darkness. It's advisable to avoid using colored gels or lights, as they can alter skin tones and may not be easily corrected in post-production. Lighting with a natural white or soft amber tone generally produces the best results in photographs.

Bride & Groom Portraits

To capture the beauty of your reception, we propose dedicating the initial 15 to 30 minutes of the cocktail hour for taking photographs of you in your reception attire. Subsequently, we advise setting aside another 15 minutes for capturing photos of you and your close family members in their reception attire.


Please keep in mind that your close family members are also preparing themselves for the event. Kindly inform them about the designated time and location for the immediate family portrait session. To guarantee punctuality, kindly provide them with a 15 minute advance notice when communicating the schedule for the portrait session.

Wedding Venue & Reception Decor

The wedding ceremony may be the official reason for inviting your loved ones, but the wedding reception is your opportunity to have a blast and celebrate with them. It's a joyous occasion and the decorations you choose for the reception will be captured in photographs during the cocktail hour, so make sure they are in line with the festive mood.


Attention to detail is crucial. During the cocktail hour, we will be capturing photographs of all the intricate elements and decorations. This is the ideal moment to get that magnificent room shot before your guests arrive.

Wedding Reception

It's time to celebrate! During the festivities, we will be capturing your speeches, formalities, and performances, as well as all the fun and excitement with your friends and family.


It is advisable for the parent dances to occur right after the first dance to ensure that the couple appears fresh and to avoid any potentially unflattering, sweaty photographs during these special moments.

For optimal shooting conditions, we recommend that the dance floor lighting remains natural. Use white or amber lighting during formalities. Blue, green, and purple colored lights can result in unnatural skin tones, so we suggest asking your DJ or lighting company to avoid using these colors or any elaborate disco lighting during the first dance, parent dances, and speeches.

Most importantly, don't forget to have fun!



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